These values are really the things that gave birth to GWC. A number of creatives began to be driven by the following four values and it led to our starting a network to brand the greater good.


We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and so is a meaningful act. We strive to do good with all of our projects by donating ten percent of the money that is made to help nonprofits, ministries and missionaries by providing them with top shelf design and media.


We are committed to building relationships with our colleagues, clients, partners and our community. Great relationships lead to great work. When harmony is achieved, beauty soars.


We’re not into manipulative marketing. Rather, we embrace the constant pursuit of truth. We believe truth speaks for itself. It needs no additives or artificial colors, just creative ways to be put on display.


Concern confines. Fear freezes. Stunning success stories don’t come to those who worry and refuse to take risks. To risk, one must have courage. The truly brave pour everything into what they believe in, and they lay it on the line. Then they trust, they wait, they dream and they passionately hope.