Good World Creative - Summer 2010


Our creative team includes a multi-emmy award winning photographer.

Summer Demo

Good World Creative is a collaboration of creative individuals, businesses and nonprofits propelling the world forward through quality design, photography and brand. We believe that collaborating on projects with multiple artists ensures a unique concept and impressive product in a day and age when image is key.

Good World Creative - Summer 2010


1000 Ways to God (Adam J. Swedenburg - @1000WaystoGod)

1000 Ways

The Big of Idea of this project - "We are giving ordinary people a platform to tell the world about their path to finding an extraordinary God. Their path is their story. Their story is their voice. Their voice is their purpose. Their purpose is truth. But it’s not all about them. You have a path. You have a voice. You have a story. When you merge the three, what remains is . . . coming soon!"

Good World Creative - Summer 2010


Under Ground Giving Society (UGS Chairmen- @undergroundgift)


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Our service is simple. We uncover what it is that sets you apart from all the rest, and we develop an identity around that core distinction. Whether it's a developing a new identity, bringing new life to an existing brand or developing a brand for a particular product or service, we focus on the remarkable to make you stand out. We offer Brand Strategy, Storytelling, Logo & Design Systems, Web Design and Creative Consulting.


Underground Giving Society is a project to promote local giving that is anonymous. We wanted to take the idea of groups that give and make it fun. We accomplished that by utilizing the right images and language. UGs is "A group of people conspiring to give anonymously!" This was one of our more recent and fun projects.